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Wow. These are actually really nice. Good job!

So you moved to Portland and now you make earrings for a living? Ok.

The most important thing to happen to jewelry in the last 200 years. At least.

Side Hustle Designs

My name is Angelina and I live in Portland, Oregon. I began working with clay as a hobby and meditative practice. Pretty soon thereafter, I began to receive a lot of interest in the jewelry I was making for myself. Thus the birth of Side Hustle Designs! 

My intention is to create something really fun, bold and beautiful. Something that you can put on and truly feel that you are fabulous, unique and a hella force with which to be reckoned. Because you are all of those things, with or without my ceramic bbs <3

Side Hustle Designs is here for all folks of all strokes because we are all living beings who deserve love and respect. So please feel free to take a seat at my table, because there is room for everyone here <3

Thank you for taking time to look at my designs and I wish you all the love, feels, and joy the world has to offer.

Angelina Crawford

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