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Sploot Pins



Sploots are, in short, the best!

In response to folks feeling left out of the Side Hustle Design game because they don't have pierced ears I have developed a line of Sploot pins that everyone can enjoy :)

Sploots are just like us. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and all deserve to hold space and be loved. Just like us!

They are:
* Ceramic
* Each unique (like us!)
* Come in a bunch of colors (like us!)
* Very fun and cute (like us!)
* Roughly 1.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide (like us at one point!)
* Mounted on brass hardware
* Ready to live a fabulous life with you 2 weeks from your order date (because handmade with love takes a little time <3)!

*** Please note that each pair is uniquely made by free drawing on clay so there will be some variations in design. But don't worry :) its part of the fun and I promise you'll love them! However, if there is a certain shape from the item photos that you really like, let me know in a message and I'll make that for you :) ***

My Generooos Repair Programe

Despite the fact that I know you're going to be very careful and treat your new precious pieces with lots of love and tenderness...

...sometimes things don't go as planned (see the year 2020).

Fret not my darling, I gotchu. For a mere 10 to 15 bucks (depending on the style) I will make you a whole new pair! So that way you will have your broken piece replaced AND an extra backup in the event that traaagedy strikes again.